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The ancient ice caverns at Eisriesenwelt have a huge number of halls and labyrinths combining a total length of more than 40km and an ice surface of more than 30,000m2.

The Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves in Austria were discovered in 1879 by a natural scientist, Anton Posselt, from Salzburg, but after writing a detailed report about his discovery in a mountaineering magazine the caves fell back into obscurity.

In the early twentieth century a pioneering cave explorer from the Salzburg region, Alexander von Mörk, remembered the report and set about finding the Eisriesenwelt ice caves once again.

By the 1920’s the caves were receiving an ever increasing number of tourists to the site and proper facilities were built both inside and outside of the caves to accommodate tourists.

Today, the Eisriesenwelt ice caves are one of the most fascinating and most visited attractions in Austria and some of the ice formations inside the caves are breathtaking.

Our accommodation near Eisriesenwelt ice caves is only a 60 minute drive and provides easy access to this popular Austrian visitor attraction.

Ask at reception for more details on the Eisriesenwelt ice caves.

Please note that the Ice Caves can be visited during the summer season only.

Picture Credit: Matthias Kabel