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It’s crystal-clear (ahem!) that Swarovski are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to adding sparkle to fashion and design.

Daniel Swarovski created a cutting and polishing machine for crystals in 1895. This invention revolutionised crystal manufacturing making Swarovski the inspirational star for jewellery, fashion and design that has continued to shine for more than 120 years.

Giants among the designer world, such as Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel, have sought out Swarovski over the years to add that extra something to their pieces. Most recently, The Spice Girls’ costumes sparkled with Austrian Swarovski crystals.

Leading ladies from the film world – Marilyn Monroe in There’s no Business like Show Business (1954) or Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra – may have been a little less eye-catching without the odd Swarovski crystal or two.

However, you do not need to be a big-name designer or rolling in cash to indulge in a little Swarovski. Their beautifully designed jewellery collection is affordable and available on the high street or online. Swarovski brings a touch of glitz and glamour to even the most basic outfits.

To mark the company’s centennial anniversary, Swarovski Crystal Worlds opened in 1995 and has been a source of wonder for millions of visitors ever since.

The centrepiece of the ‘worlds’ is the Giant with his waterfall and watchful eyes. He set out to experience the world with all its treasures and wonders, and when he had acquired all he needed, he settled in Wattens, Tyrol to watch over his Chamber of Wonders.

17 Chambers of Wonder dazzle visitors with fantastic displays including El Sol, the Chandelier of Grief and Ready to Love, designed to show the diversity of crystal as an art medium.

The garden is a holistic experience with contemporary art, unique pleasures and ancient history. The Crystal Cloud and Mirror Pool contains more than 800,000 crystals.

For children, the play tower and playground provide tonnes of fun and recreation and entices parents to let their ‘inner child’ out.

If you are staying at CLC Alpine Centre, why not take a day’s excursion to Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Whether it’s winter with crystal-like snow or a summer’s day with refreshing lakes twinkling in the sunlight, Swarovski is waiting to show you its worlds of crystals.