The Menus

Please note the menu and prices below are examples only and subject to change without prior notice

Breakfast Buffet Menu

Daily from 07h30 to 10h30

Orange juice, multi vitamin juice, still and sparkling water
Fresh milk from the region (Pinzgau), a wide variety of Coffee, tea & hot chocolate
A selection of yoghurts, fresh seasonal fruit and cereals, gourmet dried fruit
Assortment of cold meat, selection of cheese
Selection of freshly baked breakfast breads, croissants and assorted pastries, an assortment of jams and butter, Mediterranean breakfast (toasted bread, grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil), Crepes, Honey, Nutella


€13,80 per adult

€9,30 per child

From the Buffet

Daily fresh salad selection and soup of the day

01. Bread, butter and spreads from the buffet (A, C, G, L, M, N, P)

Soup Selection

02. Cream of tomato soup (A, F, L, G, C)
03. Goulash soup with bread (A, F, L)
04. Frittaten soup (crêpe slivers) (A, C, L, G)
Beef broth with home-made Frittaten


05. Salad with grilled chicken strips (A, G, M, L)
06. Fine marinated beef carpaccio (A, G)
07. Cheese fondue with ciabatta (A, G, O)

Italian Cuisine


08. Beef Lasagne (A, G, L)
With a tomato sauce and green salad
09. Spaghetti Carbonara (A, C, G)
10. Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan (A, G, L)
11. (V) Tortellini (A, C, M)
In spicy arrabiata sauce
12. (V) Homemade Ravioli (A, C)
Prepared with forest truffle mushrooms


13. (V) Margherita (A, G)
Tomato, cheese and Oregano
14. (V) Spinach Mozzarella (A, G)
Tomato, cheese, mozzarella, spinach and oregano
15. * Diavolo (A, G)
Tomato, cheese, salami, hot peppers and oregano
16. * Capricciosa (A, G)
Tomato, ham, cheese, mushrooms and oregano

Main Courses

17. Traditional Tyroler Gröstl from the region (A, C, M)
A hearty combination of crispy potatoes and meat, topped with a fried egg and garnished with a portion of coleslaw
18. Spätzle noodles and vegetable platter (A, C, G, L)
Traditional Austrian Schupfnudel with winter vegetables
19. Spinach dumplings (A, G, C, L)
Served with a chanterelle cream sauce and sliced cheese
20. Salmon fillet in parchment (D, G)
Cooked in white wine sauce, served with green asparagus and butter potatoes
21. Marinated garlic sea bass (D, G)
In lemon oil, served with basmati rice and grilled vegetables
22. Tender pike perch fillet (D, G)
With garden vegetables and butter potatoes
23. Turkey steak with pepper sauce (A, G, M)
Garnished with farmer Rösti and seasonal vegetables
24. Curry sausage with French fries (A, G, L, M, P, C, O)
Bratwurst sausage with curry sauce with french fries
25. The Alpine Burger (A, C, M, N)
With onion rings, tomato slices, crispy bacon and French fries
26. Wiener Schnitzel - direct from the pan (A, C, G)
With French fries, lemon and cranberries
27. Minute steaks (medium) (A, G, L, M, P, F)
Served with spicy potato wedges and vegetables

Table Grill

(with reservation) (A, F, N, M, L)

28. Tatarenhut (min. 2 persons)
€41.80 (for 2 People)
Enjoy a cosy evening of “Huat eating”. Set the metal hat on the table, heat it up and fry the meat yourself – to your own liking - tenderly pink or well done. A special culinary experience!

Fine fillet of beef, pork and chicken. Served with:
• Three kinds of homemade sauces
• Crisp salad
• French fries and freshly baked garlic bread

29. Succulent Spare Ribs (A, G, M)
€26 (for 2 People)
With potato wedges, two BBQ sauces, garlic bread and green salad
30. Roasted pork knuckle (A, G, C, L, M)
€28 (for 2 People)
Served with sauerkraut, bread dumplings, brown sauce and green salad

(Must be pre-ordered on reservation)


31. Chocolate ring cake (A, C, H, G)
32. Chocolate pancakes with cream (A, C, G)
33. Apple strudel with vanilla sauce (A, C, G)
34. Kaiserschmarren with apple puree (A, G, C)
Traditional Austrian crêpe served with cold apple puree
35. Choice of ice creams as per separate menu

Enjoy your meal and have a nice evening!

(V) Denotes vegetarian(E) Nuts(M) Mustard
(A) Cereals with gluten(F) Soy(N) Sesame
(B) Crustacean(G) Milk(O) Sulfite
(C) Egg(H) Peel fruits(P) Lupine
(D) Fish(L) Celery(R) Mollusc

Mixed Grill Evening Menu

Daily from 07h30 to 10h30

Cream of Courgette Soup
Salad From The Buffet
Main Course
Beef, pork & chicken served on a hot plate with baked potatoes & three different sauces.
Side Dishes
Seasonal vegetables, corn on the cob, garlic bread, grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon, pineapple slices & grilled tomatoes


€28,50 per adult

€15,50 per child

Snack Menu

Cream of tomato soup (A, F, L, G, C)
€ 4,90
Goulash soup (A, F, L)
€ 7,20
with bread
Mixed salad (A, G, M, L)
€ 7,20
Salad (A, G, M, L)
with grilled chicken strips
Beef Hamburger (A, C, M, N)
with onion rings, tomato slices, crispy bacon and French fries
Wiener Schnitzel - direct from the pan (A, C, G)
with French fries, lemon and cranberries


Spaghetti with tomato (A,C,G)
(v) Margherita (A, G)
Tomatoes, cheese and oregano
(v) Spinach & Mozzarella (A, G)
Tomatoes, cheese, mozzarella, spinach and oregano
Diavolo (A, G)
Tomatoes, cheese, salami, hot peppers and oregano
Capricciosa (A, G)
Tomatoes, ham, cheese, mushrooms and oregano

Children’s Menu

Spaghetti “Tomahawk” (A,C,G)
With tomato sauce and cheese
“Spirit Special” (A,C,L,M,F)
Chicken nuggets with French fries and vegetables
“Asterix” (A,C,G)
“Wiener Schnitzel” served with steamed potatoes and vegetables
“Spongebob” (A,D,C,O,L,N,F)
Fish fingers with French fries and vegetables
“Max und Moritz” (A,M)
Grilled sausage with French fries, ketchup and salad garnish

Dessert Included


(Menu included in our Half Board Offer)
(V) Vegetarisches Gericht(E) Erdnuss(M) Senf
(A) Glutenhaltiges Getreide(F) Soja(N) Sesam
(B) Krebstiere(G) Milch oder Laktos(O) Sulfite
(C) Ei(H) Schalenfrüchte(P) Lupinen
(D) Fisch(L) Sellerie(R) Weichtiere

If you have an allergy to certain products, our kitchen team will be happy to prepare a special dish for you. Our restaurant and bar is a non-smoking area.



The vineyards of Austria cover 51,000 hectares which, for the most part, lie in the east and southeast of the country. Among the wines produced here, whites unquestionably make up the larger proportion – cultivated in 70% of the vineyards – and there are 22 white wine varieties officially licensed as ‘high quality’.

Nevertheless, the 13 varieties of red wine have come to represent 30% of the vineyards in recent years.

Austria as a wine producing country is divided into 4 wine growing regions:

Comprises the federal states of Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) and Burgenland with a total of 12 wine growing areas.

Which has three Styrian wine regions.

Austria’s capital, which comprises 700 hectares of vineyards.

A collective of the other states of Austria where small vineyards are thinly scattered.


  • First, take the glass by its stem.
  • Hold it against a white background.
  • Look at the colour and clarity of the wine.
  • Now swirl the wine in the glass so it can give off its aroma.
  • Smell the wine – is it fresh or musty?
  • Next, take a small sip and roll it around your tongue.
  • Taste for fruits, acidity and tannins.
  • Only then should you swallow it.


Weingut Vorspannhof Mayr, Dross - Kremstal

A light golden colour, with elegant fruit and a touch of lemon citrus from the typically aromatic Veltliner grape. The wine is tight on the tongue with some white pepper and is the perfect accompaniment for Austrian kitchen dishes.

Weingut J. Scheilbhofer, Andau - Neusiedlersee

Shiny yellow colour refined with silver edges; a fruity, spicy Chardonnay note with a fine, walnut shell scent. Tart, tangy-fresh with mandarin flavours on the palate, and a green pepper after-taste.


It was 2016 when Mr Glatzer carefully pressed and bottled his lively Pinto Blanc in Austria, a stimulating and graceful wine with fruity flavours. The level of 00226/17, might seem dry but it stands for a wine with refined minerality and a stimulating 12.5% vol, and is 75cl of great quality wine that appeals not only to gourmets. Mr Glatzer’s story is world-famous but it has its roots in Carntum.

Riesling Classic Qualitatswein

Vineyard Johannes Ohlig
A superb classic – harmonic and round taste with the balanced flavours of apple, peach and pineapple in a delicate interaction of fruits and acidity. Strong on the palate with an elegant character – unique taste with a lot of charm.



A good value white wine, perfect for raising a glass or two to summer: DOLCE VITA

Blend of Grüner Veltiner and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc)

This semi-dry white wine has a bright greenish-yellow colour with a distinctive flagrance of exotic fruits. Juicy on the palate, it is ripe for pleasurable drinking. The wine is a delicious companion for fish dishes, pasta and salads, also for special cheeses and desserts.


Spätburgunder Rose Qualitatswein Weingut Johannes Ohlig

Rosy Rheingau – fruity elegance with revitalizing freshness. Light and full berry fruits with a juicy taste. Lovely delicately aromatic bouquet in the aftertaste – a stimulating rosé with a decent sweetness.


Weingut Josef Gager, Deutschkreuz – Mittelburgenland

Dark ruby with a violet edge. Clear distinct fruits of cherries, plums and blackberries. Dry with a well structured acidity. On the palette – fruity, with forest berries and a soft tannin.

Weingut J. Scheiblhofer, Andau Neusiedlersee

Bluish, cherry red, with deep tropical fruit aromas of pineapple and papaya, rounded off with fine cinnamon tones. Creamy soft tannins, a delicate tartness and a mild body characterise this wine.

Weingut Leopold Aumann, Tribuswinkel – Thermenregion

A big wine with a smooth taste of oak. On the nose are dark cherries, blackberries and some coffee. Full bodied – a creamy, rounded dream of a Merlot.

Blauer Zweigelt – Merlot - Blauer Portugieser

Beautiful ruby-red glow. Pleasant, fresh bouquet of cherries, redcurrants and roses. Smooth acidity with a long taste.


Bodega Baron de Ley, Mendavia - Rioja

With an attractive ruby-red ruby colour and a medium-high intensity on the nose, it surprises with its powerful fruit. Remarkably blended, with traces of coconut and toffee from its ageing, it evolves with seductive nuances of spices and Mediterranean herbs. The attack is truly powerful and develops in the mouth with a pleasant sensation of unctuous volume which drives through to a long finish. Freshness comes from optimum acidity and the after-taste is filled with red fruits and yet more Mediterranean herbs.


Allesverloren, situated on the south- eastern slopes of the Kasteelberg near Riebeek West, is the oldest estate in the Swartland Wine of Origin district and is renowned for its red wines and port. The farm, which dates back to 1704, began producing wine exactly one century later. In 1872, Allesverloren was acquired by Daniel Francois Malan and has remained in the Malan family for five generations. “Colour is deep red with a garnet rim. The bouquet is an abundance of plums with faint black pepper, a hint of bacon and cigar box aromas in the background. The taste is a rich and full-bodied wine with a good tannic structure and ample ripe fruit flavours.” Excellent enjoyed on its own or served with poultry, veal and red meat dishes




(V) Vegetarisches Gericht(E) Erdnuss(M) Senf
(A) Glutenhaltiges Getreide(F) Soja(N) Sesam
(B) Krebstiere(G) Milch oder Laktos(O) Sulfite
(C) Ei(H) Schalenfrüchte(P) Lupinen
(D) Fisch(L) Sellerie(R) Weichtiere

If you have an allergy to certain products, our kitchen team will be happy to prepare a special dish for you. Our restaurant and bar is a non-smoking area.